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Decentraling lending for everyone

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Smart contract blockchain




Stani Kulechov - Founder

Jordan Lazaro Gustave - Head of Management

Martin Wichmann - Head of token sale

Kersten Schütze - Head of corporate strategy

Sergej Stein - Financial advisor

Adnan Javed - Legal advisor

ETHLend is creating a lending market where any lender from anywhere can loan ether to any borrower without the risk of losses. ETHLend provides the possibility to lending between people that do not know each other. Until this innovation, crypto-lending did not have a function since there was no guarantee for repayment when sending ether or any other cryptocurrency to the untrusted borrower.

Expert Review

3.7 out of 5

The decentralization that blockchain technology brings to the world allows for creation of such projects, which aim to democratize the financial market. Nowadays, money lending is controlled by huge corporations and banks, with the interests rates being different for everyone. In most cases, they are still to high and unfair. ETHLend wants to give access to cheap money lending for everyone. They believe that "Interest rates should not be decided by politics, economic policies or banks. Interest rates should be decided by the people and the free market". General design and the execution of the project looks quite good. The transparency of blockchain will act as a great advantage for such project.

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