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A decentralized insurance and reinsurance marketplace

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Christoph Mussenbrock -

Stephan Karpischek -

Jake Brukhman -

Nuno Brito Lopes -

Renat Khasanshyn -

Ron Bernstein -

Etheric is aimed at creating decentralized insurance marketplace to make buying and selling of insurance more popular, set lower operational service fee. The company will be able to make industry of insurance clearer, and make it easier to access reinsurance investments.

Expert Review

3.7 out of 5

It is difficult to say that the problems that the project intends to solve are the main ones in the insurance sector. "Making the purchase and sale of insurance is more efficient, enabling lower operational costs, providing greater transparency into the industry of insurance, to traditional operations, and democratize access to reinsurance investments." All this is more secondary and less important for the average consumer. The most acute issue is the resolution of disputes between the insurance company and the insured person. All the rest is already implemented with the usual technologies and does not require any fundamental improvements. It is possible to note the detailed technological structure of the project, no less detailed described in the White Paper.

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