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Ether Legends


Ethereum based collectible trading card game focused on the merging of physical and digital assets

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Curran Mulvihill - Co-Founder and CEO

Mark Ludy - Co-Founder and Art Director

Ethereum based collectible trading card game focused on the merging of physical and digital assets, secured by the Blockchain. Elementeum is the gaming platform token / currency. The Elementeum token drives the gaming currency and transactions 

Expert Review

3 out of 5

Ether Legends is an Ethereum based collectible trading card game. They want to combine the real-world physical assets with the virutal and gaming world, allowing the cards to be redeemed digitally, visualized, played, traded or sold as digital assets while providing a marketplace for the worldwide community. Elementum will be the token, which will act as the reward in the game. When it comes to the sole gameplay, it takes form of online battles. Each player needs to choose three "champions" which enter the area, then, based on the chosen strategy, their powers and abilities one player will be able to win. The project didn't succeed in raising funds through ICO, however they refunded their investors and still want to finish developing the project.

User Review

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ApiTally19 january 2018, 20:28

The concept is unique, white paper is very thorough. The artwork is second to none. ETH to ELET Token seems reasonable, obviously with the most to gain early on in the sale. Was somewhat difficult to find the team, but they are in the white paper, would recommend adding it to the website for easier access. Looking forward to what this project could bring to the market.

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