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A new revolution in the online marketplace industry

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Smart contract blockchain




Brett Murphy - Founder and CEO

James Fuller - Founder

Phillip Warren - Founder

James Nichols - Fund Manager

Courtney Graham - Fund Manager

Lester Harper - Fund Manager

John Flores - Fund Manager

A decentralized peer to peer marketplace where users can buy and sell using Ethereum

Expert Review

3.6 out of 5

Ethbay describes itself as "The eBay Marketplace of Ethereum", as they want to create a marketplace similar to the mainstream ones known today, however with the benefits of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Ethereum, would be the main currency to pay for the goods and the fact that there is no need for any intermediaries to take care of financial backend, all of the fees for buying and listing products would be much lower than on regular Ebay for example. In the future, Ethbay plans to add additional features to the platform including Ethbay Services where users can buy and sell services using Ethereum similar to Fiverr platform and other freelancing sites, as well as Ethbay Classifieds where users can buy and sell locally using Ethereum as a base currency. They want to put emphasis on the ease of registration and anonymity that cryptocurrencies can offer. The information provided on the site is very detailed and easily explain the core ideas and features of the project. Overall, the site is also well designed. The whitepapers are a bit short and could be more extensive. Also there is little to no details about the team and it's hard to check if it consists of real people and to check their background, experience and skills. The users have also noticed that the ratings and opinions provided on the site by other ICO rating services are not true and cannot be traced.

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