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Eroscoin is a platform that empowers & enhances the payment systems

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Smart contract blockchain




Tony Sousa - Financial Account Manager Financial Advisor

Hardik Zadafiya - Lead Technology advisor Smart Contract Developer

David Blottie - Blockchain Legal Expert Legal and Compliance Advisor

Rick Shaddock - Digital Assets/Currency Manager Business Advisor

Frank Bonnet - CEO at DCORP Project Development Advisor

Hansco Leek - Co-owner/founder at Autodealers. Platform strategy Advisor

Eroscoin is a platform that empowers & enhances the payment systems. Increase the efficiency, decrease the cost of money transfers and send or receive cross border payments instantly. Eroscoin is an open source ecosystem for the blockchain community. Securely send & receive money instantly. ERO Token distribution is defined as follow: ICO (50%), Foundation (20%), Advisory & Escrow (9%), Reserve Fund (10%), Charity (10%), Bounty (1%). Bounties will be served to the user as per norms.

Expert Review

3.5 out of 5

Eroscoin wants to explore the peer to peer and mass payment markets by providing a more efficient currency for fast and large amount of transactions. They want to connect the mainstream world with the decentralized blockchain-based one by offering a plastic card, which allows for payments in cryptocurrencies in regular shops. Eroscoin offers also variety of eCommerce selling tools such as Invoice, Router, Subscriptions and Payment Links, which allow businesses to send ERO to clients or perform a payment using any virtual currencies. There was also a past ICO project called also Eros (not related to this ICO, different developers and different market), however they have turned out to be a scam, so this may bring a bad marketing for this project, because of similiar name. There is also a huge competition in the money transfer market, starting with coins like Bitcoin or Litecoin, going to XRP and many other ICO-based projects. There is no clear team list provided anywhere on the site, while during the ICO stage only few advisors were listed.

User Review

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Anger Management01 november 2017, 22:12

I don't know why but Eros sounds for me like some rather sex-related service. Strange name choice for a simple payment platform. And also the fact that they want to create a simple payment platform is the biggest drawback in my opinion. We have numerous coins that can do this, why would anyone need another one? It only shows that the developers don't have any idea about cryptomarket and they just blindly want to earn money by basically copying bitcoin and hoping someone will fund their project and trade their tokens. Basic buy and dump coin.

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