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DLS Academy


Is a decentralized learning system

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Smart contract blockchain




Chen “The Architect” - Co-founder and CEO

Larry “The Guy” - Co-founder, CTO, Lead Developer

Sato “The Whistler” - Full Stack Developer, Cybersecurity & AI enthusiast

Miko “The Boogye Man” - Marketing and Public Relations specialist

Expert Review

3.2 out of 5

DLSacademy is a decentralized platform that aims to help the users make money by sharing their hobbies with the world and has a peer-to-peer environment. IT is basically a learning platform allowing users to get better at their skills by utilizing the services provided by DLSacademy. The team consists of young members who are dedicated to the project and the overall team evaluation is neutrall. The roadmap seems pretty basic along with the whitepaper. It does not seem to a great project and has not been greatly executed.

User Review

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Mosi2031 may 2018, 12:00

Providing a learning platform is what this project aims which I think is too common and not that appealing to the investors as there are better executed similar projects with a much better team and other aspects. So I would not consider investing in it as there are already better projects with similar concept available.

Inxd05 october 2017, 15:23

Not only it offers a one organized platform to learn everything you want, it also creates a lot of opportunities for people with certain skills, as they will be able to earn money by teaching other people what they are best at. That seems like a very interesting and fun way of making some money on the side and it's always good to contribute in education of people from all over the world. They base themselves on the trustless system, meaning there are no need to trust them with any money, as all transactions are held on secure and transparent blockchain.

Learning is fun!04 october 2017, 15:18

Open source and decentralized platform that will provide all neccessary tools needed to learn most effectively. As they say on their site: "Anyone can become an instructor and publish a course on any subject from programming to cooking or photography." And I think that's what may in fact be the next big thing. I mean we live in a world, where we do everything on the Internet. Why not learn also? I like how their site looks like. It seems very user-friendly and easy to use.

T2002 october 2017, 01:15

Seems very interesting, however I'm not sure what the market for such service is. They want to create a learning platform where everyone can contribute with their own courses and lessons. You can pay directly to the person that will teach you whatever you want. The design is very good and the demo platform on the screens looks in fact wonderful.

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