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DivM Group


International investment project

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Eduard Makarov - Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder. Financier and entrepreneur

Andrei Shklovsky - Chief technology officer and Co-Founder. Professional programmer, blockchain developer

ALEXANDER SKVORTSOV - Senior Portfolio Manager and Co-Founder Trader: NYSE, CME, NASDAQ, Xetra, LSE, MOEX, SPCEX

OLGA MIRONOVA - Community manager and blokchain enthusiast. Head of PR Department

Victor Razumenko - Portfolio Manager Trader: NYSE, NASDAQ, MICEX. Trader with crypto-currencies

DIVM Group is an international investment project aimed at stable growth of profitability and business development in the financial and real sector of the economy.

The investment activity of the company is under the control of professional portfolio managers within the framework of the investment memorandum and business as a whole.

High profitability of investments and total assets of the company became possible due to an effective strategy of placing funds in financial markets.

To reduce systemic risks and increase financial stability, the company reinvests part of its profits in creating its own sources of revenue.

Thus, the company’s adaptive business model generates a high level of return on invested capital with minimal risks.

Expert Review

1.3 out of 5

DivM Group want to create something that resembles an investment fund. They claim that "The investment activity of the company is under the control of professional portfolio managers" and it will be very profitable, yet they don't offer any solutions or ideas how they are going to achieve these profits. The site lacks proper description and explanation of their project. The whitepapers explain a little more, however there is no technical information. The design of the site is not the indicator of project success, but it is a part of the marketing side and should act as a good advertisement for any potential visitors and investors, however in that case it is very limited and doesn't encourage anyone to research the project further.

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