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DAO that sells gold with Ethereum based coins

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Digix links gold to Ethereum. We respect the Distributed Ledger for using fiat assets to make crypto more firmness, clear and auditable.  

Expert Review

4.5 out of 5

DigixDAO, where DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, was created by Digix. It is a way from which the community members can create a digital gold payment system on the blockchain. It has ethereum based DGD tokens which allow its holders to participate in the direction Digix takes to build the gold payment system on blockchain into reality. The DAO tokens are issued by a software protocol as a software product. The web design is great with the website having just the required amount of information required and the roadmap too seems practical and the userbase it targets is almost every investor on the blockchain.

User Review

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Andru204 may 2018, 12:09

The project's idea seems pretty great like having a Gold-tracking asset on the Ethereum blockchain would attract almost investors from all over. The overall design of the website is great and it doesn't look like a scam project to me. If I were to invest in it, I definitely would have.

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