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Amazing digital currency that allows people to send money anywhere

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DIAMOND aims to provide a really common service that is a digital currency allowing people to send money all around the world with zero fees and finish the centralized bank money system. The team does consist of some great names so the overall team evaluation is positive. The website is a bit lengthy providing each and every information in detail. The user interface is quite good. The whitepaper seems moderate, not to good nor too bad.

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ICO Review28 may 2018, 20:04

Providing a digital currency to people so that they have control over their wealth is what this project aims which is a good idea but way too common according to me. The team is precisely good but due to lack of creativity and the concept being too common I don't think it could be an ICO people would love investing in.

I know what I'm talking about24 august 2017, 18:23

Seems like another onecoin that will most probably turn out to be a failure or worse, maybe even a planned scam. I don't see why someone would try to create another coin for payments as we already have many of them, with the leading being bitcoin. Of course there is a lot of that could be improved in bitcoin, so there is still a need for new projects to emerge, but this one is not the one to act as an real opponent. A lot of information, almost like they try so hard to make it look legitimate or considerable a good investment. There is too much to read, and most of this is nothing important or legit.

Doe-115 august 2017, 11:57

Another decentralized coin that will make it possible to send money anywhere in the World at very low cost.

I like the fact that they give 25% interest per year for having this coin, so it gives possibility of some profit, however the coin will probably be dead by the end of the year, so I perceive such investment as worthless even with that interest.

I'm disappointed that even the "why choose this project" section on their site, doesn't even try to convince user that their coin is going to be something more than another coin that you can pay with. We've already have enough of these on the market and none of them can compete with Bitcoin.

tok_er14 august 2017, 23:31

And once again, it's another "new and innovative" project that introduces a platform for people to send money quickly and at low cost to people from all over the world. Doesn't it sound familiar? Yeah, we've got at least thousands coins like that already, with some being already well-established and used by many users. I don't know what developers are aiming for, but either they think they can somehow beat bitcoin with their coin, or even not bitcoin but at least litecoin (which would be also impossible), or it's just another scam to get ICO money deliver weak project without any future and happily leave with all the money that has been raised, because I can't see any use of that coin or anything that couldn't already be done with existing coins.

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