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Risk-hedging platform for cryptocurrency investors

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Smart contract blockchain




Mikhail Chernov - Founder & CEO

Bogdan Leonov - Co-Founder & CCO

Dmitry Ansimov - Co-Founder & COO

Mark Feldman - Investment Director

Vasilii Artemev - CTO

Mark Poyda - Head of Financial Analytics

DeHedge is the world’s first decentralized risk-hedging platform for cryptocurrency investors. DeHedge insures investments in ICOs and cryptocurrencies, safeguarding investors in case of exchange rate fluctuations, scams, and project cancellations. DeHedge’s smart contracts are programmed to automatically pay out in full in case of an insured event. DeHedge uses Ethereum, which is a public blockchain. The investor can waive an automatic pay out and opt not to make an insurance claim.

Expert Review

4.2 out of 5

DeHedge is a classic risk-hedging platform. If to explain in simple words - it is an insurance company for crypto and ICO investors. The insurance fund is formed at the expense of the insurers' funds (initial - at the expense of buyers of tokens at the initial offering), and in the insured event - a sharp drop, bankruptcy, etc. - they can get compensation. The scheme is working, proven in traditional markets, and with the use of blockchain technology it can become even more reliable and transparent. Preparation for the ICO at a high level - site, documentation, team, social networks, publications in the media - all very qualitatively.

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