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DAV Network


DAV is a blockchain-based transportation platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Noam Copel - CEO and Founder

Tal Ater - CTO and Co-Founder

John Frazer - CCO and Co-Founder

Joe Lopardo - CMO and Co-Founder

Tung Chan - General Counsel

Shahar Frank - R&D Team Leader

Lior Shkoori - Product Manager

Anatoly Tokalov - Senior Developer

Yaron Shapira - Developer

Hai Alaluf - Developer

DAV is a computer network that connects self-driving vehicles (such as cars, trucks, and drones) to everyone on that network. Users can pay for the use of any of those vehicles with a token to get a ride somewhere or pick up and deliver a package. People who own those vehicles or the charging stations on the network can make money for the services they provide. This means the average person could have an entire network of self-driving vehicles at their fingertips to bring them anything, or to take them anywhere, with one token.

Expert Review

4.6 out of 5

DAV aims to be a blockchain based transportation company which has a decentralized structure to use for transportation. It has the goals to create vehicles which drive themselves and construct a network which will allow the connection between users in need of cars to the users owning a car ready to be rented to transport others. It is supported by huge companies which makes it not likely to be a scam. The team consisted of members who are experts in their field and are well-experienced, overall team evaluation is positive. The website is lengthy but has necessary information provided. The roadmap and whitepaper seem to have been carefully thought and presented.

User Review

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Tender Investor20 may 2018, 22:35

I think it is a great idea to have a decentralized autonomous vehicle company allowing users to transport anywhere, which the project aims to achieve. As it is supported by well-known companies I think it will be successful in attracting huge investors and gain a vast user base. The team has a great reputation and know what they are after, The website has been beautifully designed. The roadmap and the whitepaper have been well thought. Overall all the aspects of the projects are great and In my opinion, it is one of the best choices to invest.

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