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Catalyzing the Future of Collaboration

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Smart contract blockchain




Matan Field - CEO & Architect

Adam levi - CTO \ Technology

Roberto Klein - Legal and Finance

Nathalia Scherer - Community & Biz Dev

Oren Sokolowsky - Lead Developer

Primavera De Filippi - Alchemist

DAOstack powers decentralized companies, funds and markets to make fast and innovative decisions at scale. It’s a platform for decentralized governance that enables collectives to self-organize around shared goals or values, easily and efficiently. DAOstack is sometimes called an operating system for collective intelligence, or a Wordpress for DAOs. The platform launches in spring 2018 and includes a modular smart contract framework, a friendly javascript developer environment, and an intuitive user interface that allows anyone to create or participate in a decentralized organization without technical knowledge. Most of the expected proceeds from the DAOstack token sale will be reserved for management by a DAO fund, in which the community of GEN token and reputation holders will create proposals for the allocation of resources.

Expert Review

4.1 out of 5

It is difficult now to make predictions about how the technologies will work in the future. But the idea of the DAOstack project at least deserves attention. The team develops an operating system for DAO - decentralized autonomous organizations. It is assumed that such a solution will allow them to interact with each other to ensure the convenience of users. One thing can be said for sure - such software will require a fairly complex development. On the project website couldn't be find any direct indication of the existence of a working product. However, they have a GitHub repository, where a large number of materials have been added. To understand their content, additional comments are required from the team, or an analysis of technical specialists. Also a little surprising the fact that in the project team there are only 2-3 participants responsible for the technical part.

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