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A new era of cloud computing services, powered by blockchain technology

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Introducing DADI, a decentralized platform for web services, built on the Ethereum blockchain and committed to upholding the founding principles of the Internet by democratizing computational power. DADI represents a fundamental shift in cloud computing services by enabling peer-to-peer collaboration on a massive scale. Our technology finds the closest and most appropriate hub of computational power and distributes tasks accordingly.

Any device - from a smartphone to a supercomputer cluster - can join the network and sell computational power as a miner. On the opposite side of this transaction, platform users benefit from significant reductions in cost, enhanced security, rate flexibility and cutting edge performance. In stark contrast to other ICO events, the technology of DADI is already here. The microservices at the heart of the platform have been in development for four years and are in production today, powering products like Empire Online, Monocle and Virgin Limited Edition.

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4 out of 5

Dadi offers a cloud services platform, which differs from standard solutions by its decentralization. This means that for the provision of cloud services, it is not the server of the company that is used, but the power of independent devices that are connected to the network and can earn on it. With this peer-to-peer network owned by the people, DADI aims to shift the balance of computational power away from large corporations. The DADI network offers improved efficiency and performance, saving up to 90% compared with traditional cloud services. It perfectly conveys the meaning of the Internet concept of the future, built with the use of blockchain. One of the interesting features is the fact that anyone can earn the tokens by providing spare computation capacity for rent. The project already has competitors working on the same principle, so the competition may be tough on the market. The team has significantly improved compared to the early ICO stages and now consists of many experienced and skilled members, developers and programmers.

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