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The Future Of Digital Content Is Here

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Smart contract blockchain




Vincent Nguyen - Team Leader

Harold Li - Technical Leader

Jun Zhang - AI Tech Lead

Jim Ai - Audio Tech Lead

Gina Hughes - Media and PR Lead

Cathy Cao - Media and PR Lead

Walter Komarwk - Advisor

Luca Nichetto - Advisor

Omer Ozden - Advisor

Huang He - Advisor

Andy Tian - Advisor

Justin Sun - Advisor

David Zhu - DACC Foundation Partner and Strategic Advisor

Decentralized Accessible Content (DAC) is a platform that will revolutionize the digital content and media industry. DAC will establish a public blockchain that features content ownership and access management at the infrastructure level.

Expert Review

4.4 out of 5

DACC, which is short of Decentralized Accessible Content Chain wants to provide an alternative to the current content sharing platforms and streaming services. They have noticed that the mainstream platforms doesn't provide fair revenue share towards the creators and the middleman and other services often take up significant part of this money. Moreover, by using blockchain technology the ownership and copyrights can be finally protected. The content will be stored in the big database powered by network contributors in the Proof of Storage Control concept. The developers leveraged key learning from the Decentralized Storage Network concept created by FileCoin to accurately track storage and data sharing by the marketplace users. One of the possible drawbacks may be the team behind the project, as there are only 6 working members, while 24 people are listed as advisors. However, on the other hand, despite this, the technical documentations and descriptions provided in the whitepapers are very well thought and detailed, which means that they have an idea on how they want to deliver their product. So for such an early stage, it may not be that much of a problem.

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