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We help Banks buy Bitcoin

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Smart contract blockchain




Evgeny Xata - CEO

Nick Lustiger - Head of Institutional Sales

Scott Freeman - Head of Trading

Parker Fairfield - Head of Operations

Evgeniya Gubar - Legal Counsel

Pavel Shelldyaev - Full Stack Developer

We help Banks buy crypto currencies without having to update their IT infrastructure, which will take long time.
Banks already have infrastructure in place that can handle trillions of $.   We turn Bitcoin / Ethereum into securities so Banks can handle crypto currencies using their existing IT and security infrastructure.

Expert Review

4.6 out of 5

CyberTrust wants to turn Bitcoin into securities. That way banks can deal with cryptocurrencies using their existing infrastructure without any need for special configuration or other system development. Such project will surely improve the adaptability of bitcoin, as many mainstream banks will be able to easily use it. This helps solving many legal and tax problems, but also many things that have not yet been decided when it comes to cryptocurrencies like inheritance, audits or risk-free settlements. It's all within KYC/AML regulatory framework. At first, CyberTrust will offer their services only for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, but they already plan to extend their services on many other top and popular cryptocurrencies. Cabs tokens will act as an only way to convert digital assets into crypto securities. The overall design and technical part of the project looks very good and well-prepared. Cooperation with banks may pour millions into the project, which gives a potentially promising value for the token, once it hits the exchanges.

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