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Crystal Clear


Changing the way customers providers connect

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Smart contract blockchain




Alexander Veretennikov - CEO and founder of the CCS project

Valery Novikov - Web and Software Developer

Slava Poe - Blockchain and Solidity developer

Elena Veretennikova - CMO, marketing and finance advisor, HR director

Ilya Znachko - Front end, design

Denis Moiseev - Marketing and creative writer

Expert Review

4.2 out of 5

Crystal Clear Services is a decentralized service system which aims to revolutionize the local service industry by developing a blockchain based transparent platform catered to service providers and customers enabling users to order a service, pay for it and create an auction with extreme ease. Any participant in the system will be able to open an auction for the service he needs, and then choose the performer by price or reviews. The team behind the project consists of great reputable and highly experience members with past high success rates and the overall team evaluation is positive. The website is minimal and has just the required amount of information provided. The roadmap is basic but well planned.

User Review

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Indixo113 may 2018, 10:51

A token for offline local services system is what the project provides which I think is great and would be a success as it will definitely be able to attract a large user base due to its ease of use. This type of project would attract mostly everyone worldwide and help them in many ways. The team and website and all the other aspects are fine and overall I think I it would be a good ICO to invest in.

Mials14 september 2017, 22:19

After read the site and whitepaper content, I have least interesting to join or contribute eventhough they offer attractive bonus or allow low minimum rate of contribution. The details of project does not thoroughly discussed or show any practical projects would have benefits to social in future.

I would not expect that this project or techniques system will be flourishing for upcoming years. Overall, I just like the name of token, "Crystal Clear". hah! Thus, invest ETH to it at your own risk.

Swenna11 september 2017, 17:02

What I like about Crystal Clear is how they were able to integrate their name and the goal of their project. This project accentuated the integration of technology to every person and bringing everyone together. Also, as what their name suggest, Crystal clear, it highlights the transparency of every transaction there is, and that it will be clear, visible and accessible, anytime, anywhere which makes it more convenient for every user.

Richard Ramses11 september 2017, 09:07

I was kind of hesitant about getting into an ICO for the first time, the great guys at Crystal Clear led me through the process and I am really thankful for helping me when I had some trouble with MyEtherWallet. The coin has a great deal of potential when it comes to the functionality that it is planning to provide with the app for both service providers and consumers. I have been a plumber for 15 years and I retired last month, I would have killed to have an app which helped ensure payments when I was still working.

Thank You Crystal Clear Team, I believe in both your team and your vision and hope to see you all on the top of the app store one day with your service app.

Idle Island10 september 2017, 21:47

Quite an interesting idea of bringing a lot of offline services to the digitized world. I like the fact that they are aiming to make it usable for people that aren't used to today's technologies, this way I can even maybe see elderly people buy services they need without exiting the house and this can be very convenient.
The overall design seems nice and there is a lot of information provided on the website.

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