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One-Stop-Shop Trade Terminal for Exchanges

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Ilnur Mukhtov - CEO

Konstantin Denisenko - Head of Development

Evgeniya Ron'jina - Community Expert

Alina Sattarova - Head of Marketing & Development

Vadim Galeev - Head of Global Engagement

Igor Mesheryakov - Backend Developer

Darya Sukhorukhova - Deputy to Chief Marketing Officer

In the stock market traders have been using desktop terminals for trading on stock exchanges for more than 10 years.

Functional and modern terminals on stock exchanges fulfill all the assigned tasks: they output scalable asset schedules, put indicators on them and independently read the required markers of these indicators, automatically create proposals according to the strategies laid down in them, monitor the indicators of the stock exchange and trade deposit, and etc.

This allows us to assert that trading terminals on the stock market have become indispensable tools for traders.

According to the forecast of experts in 2024 the number of participants of a cryptocurrency market will exceed 200 000 000 people and will outstrip the indicators of a classicalstock market.

CryptoRobotics creates a cross-platform desktop terminal for trading on cryptocurrency exchange, introduces the usual tools for algotrading and creates new analytical and intelligent solutions in the development of robots for trading in new markets, applying the best experience of the stock and currency market.

Expert Review

3.7 out of 5

Cryptorobotics aims to provide a freemium cross-platform desktop trading terminal for computers and smartphones with just one-click access. It aims to make a trade and technical analysis instruments similar to the stock market terminals available to the cryptos. The team behind the project consists of dedicated hardworking members but its marketing team is a bit poor and the overall team evaluation is neutral. The website has been nicely designed and has just the necessary information provided. The roadmap has been planned till 2020 and seems practical. The whitepaper has been carefully planned and well presented.

User Review

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John218 may 2018, 10:22

A one-stop-shop trade terminal for exchanges is what CryptoRobotics aims to provide which I think is an average concept. The team consists of members with no concrete reputation and their social media also does not have a vast userbase. The website is nicely designed and has some extra information about heir team provided. The roadmap seems a bit unthought as it does not explain how would they achieve their stated goals and the white paper seems okay, Overall the project does not seem like a good investment to me.

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