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Next gen wallet, next gen features

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JOSHUA HALFERTY - Chief Executive Officer

XANDER YI - Chief Financial Officer

ANDREW KERRISON - Architecture

ALEX LENART - Creator Of Experience

ANDRE CRONJE - Blockchain Infastructure Engineer

ANTON NELL - Web/Mobile Engineer

SEAN MCGURK - Security

BENN GODENZI - Marketing & Partnerships

ANNA SANTAYANA - Marketing & Operations

PAUL LANDINGIN - Enterprise Development

CryptoCurve project is the first ICO that will launch on the WanChain platform. Curve`s goal is to build a platform that offers an all-in-one solution for crypto investing. The platform will offer many features like a portfolio, wallet, exchange, ico investing, and much more.

Expert Review

3.7 out of 5

CryptoCurve prides itself as the mother of all digital wallets that allows for you to buy, trade, send, exchange and invest in ICOs and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the portfolio is set to allow for crypto pools and monitoring of cryptocurrencies as an official wallet under the Wanchain Blockchain. In essence, the CryptoCurve wallet platform will dedicate its functions to easy crypto funds management, market analytics, ICO investing, trading and security. CryptoCurve additionally provides for new user experience regarding cryptocurrency spending while on the go. It will provide these feature a decentralized exchange, ICO investing, ICO Staking, portfolio tracking, ICO Pooling, Nuke enabling to convert tokens to BTC, ETH or other stable crypto alternatives effortlessly and fiat Gateway to allow for conversion, trading, and exchange using fiat currencies that is to provide liquidity. CryptoCurve (CURV) token holders will get benefits such as discounts, pooling, burning (the system with CryptoCurve tokens will happen quarterly to ensure scarcity and ultimately high price), staking and voting rights (all CURV holder get to vote on which ICOs are suitable for CURVE to purse).

User Review

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ICO Review03 july 2018, 10:20

There are plenty of cryptocurrency wallets portraying different abilities and functionality. However, CURV peaks interest with its Nuke portal and other convenient functions. If the project pans out, it will make a perfect combination for cryptocurrency investors using cold storage options. The only major issue I would foresee with the wallet is its capabilities to have a global reach compared to its team.

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