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Crypto Trust Network


Uses machine learning backed analysis to provide tools to protect you from cryptocurrency fraud, theft and loss

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Daniel Whyte - Systems Integration

Nash Varghese - Accounts, Admin

Warrick Walter - Machine Learning

Allan Walter - Data Visualisation

Dylan Erskine - Data Analysis

Billy Barrow - Blockchain Specialist

CTN is a platform designed to add an extra layer of trust to cryptocurrency. The CTN will provide tools for merchants, wallets, debit cards and exchanges allowing them to trace and blacklist high-risk transactions from wallets linked to fraudulent activities.

These services will be backed by CTN’s Trust Rating; a 'risk rating' calculated by our machine-learning backed engine CTN can provide an industry leading metric helping our integration partners make informed decisions.

Expert Review

3.1 out of 5

CryptoTrust.Network looks like a small but possibly very useful project. Their goal is simple - to add extra level of security to already existing blockchain and cryptocurrency transactions. This would encourage a greater mainstream usage of cryptocurrencies, as their targets would be merchants, wallets, debit cards and exchanges. They would be able to trace and block potentially suspicious and fraudulent activities, making their platforms and services much safer. The project itself doesn't look like it is designed to become the next big thing, however in case they succeed, they can prove themselves by cooperating successfully with various platforms.

User Review

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dinko.kalinski06 january 2018, 03:32

I think the next big problem that has to be solved in the cryptocurrency field will be security. And projects like Crypto Trust Network should thrive in the neat future. Combining global trends like blockchain and machine learning is a signal for a useful innovation.
The team seems solid and capable of delivering the promised.
I like this project and will be following closely.

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