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CrypStock is a unique inter-exchange trading system with numerous subsystems. From now on you will only earn!

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OFIR FELIX ROITMAN - Project Manager and Co-Founder

ALEXANDER KESELMAN - Technical Manager, Co-Founder, Cryptocurrency market expert

DAVID SULEYMANOV - Marketing director

RAZ COHEN - Team leader

OFIR YEHEZKEL - Team leader

YISHAI HARNIV - Software Engineer

Inter-exchange trading system Crypstock is an innovative centralized exchange platform based on blockchain technology. It allows to make artbitrage transactions automatically, providing income for ICS token holders.

The system includes a regular crypto exchange, where a trader can get better prices on crypto transactions on the market and complicated inter-exchange arbitrage system, which works with several tools and is profitable for token holders.

Expert Review

4.1 out of 5

Crypstock allows to make automatic arbitrage transactions between top cryptocurrency exchanges to earn profits for ICS token holders. A number of automated trading systems with complex configuration of trading operations on more than 30 crypto exchanges will lead to almost instant income by taking advantage on differences in exchange rates. Apart from this, Crypstock offers a regular decentralized and blockchain-based exchange, where the trader can get much better prices than on regular mainstream exchanges due to benefits provided by blockchain and tokens, like minimal fees and fast transaction processing. Moreover, in order to contribute to the wide adaptation of cryptocurrencies they want to create a network of ATM machines, which will allow easy input and output of fiat money. The tokens apart from receiving the profits will entitle users to discounts and bonuses from using the services provided on the platform, as well as discounts for cash-ins and cash-outs from ATM machines. The project states that token owner could profit 127% within the first year, however let's leave it for the crypto market to validate, but the whitepapers and information on the site are clear and explain project's concepts as well as why one should expect such profits. The team consists mostly of software engineers, programmers and blockchain specialists, which is a good indicator that they will deliver what they promise when it comes to the sole platform and technology.

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