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Cru Coins are a new type of transferable digital token

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3.0 out of 5

CruCoins - whether it is worth describing the project itself, if on its website there is practically nothing but a terrible design. White Paper is still under development. Okay, let's talk about the essence of the project, perhaps this will give impetus to future projects that will want to solve a similar problem. The idea in principle is good in itself - the monetization of art. And judging by the images on the site, it's about art in the first place. Digital tokens designed to collateralize and facilitate the funding of the world of "Corporation", an art exhibit created by Corp Cru. Rather, in the given case, it is about crowdfunding for the implementation of the project.

User Review

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themainman20 august 2017, 22:11

Cru Coins are are transferable digital token used to collateralize and monetize art. A token will be developed which will be sold in order to facilitate funding the expenses in connection with a world tour of “Corporation“. This is actually one of the few project which lack realistic goal and consist of buzzy words. No roadmap and white paper is not present and the project is under development.

j.bob213 august 2017, 11:40

Well it's stated that the coin would be issued during June-July, yet at the time of writing this review it's August and we still haven't received any coins nor they have provided the whitepapers. Don't know if it just turned out to not work as they expected or is it already a dead coin. I would stay away from them, if they don't take their project seriously and abandon it just like that without any information.

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