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Connects the crowd with entrepreneurs

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Ethan Clime - CEO

Aleks Bozhinov - CMO

Rosario Colletti - CTO

Chris Fronda - Blockchain architect

Paolo Lacche - COO

Tomas Kuttler - Lead developer

Crowdholding - a decentralized and redistribution platform, connects the crowd with entrepreneurs, which allows the crowd to give feedback on products, services, and ideas for future revenue of sales.

Supporters from around the world are willing to validate products, unleash criticism, and voice opinions. This great potential simply needs facilitating. Crowdholding is designed to do exactly that - to facilitate the world’s potential through co-creation. Since July 2016 the Crowdholding team has worked hard to build the perfect co-creation platform, attract hundreds of co-creators with diverse background and dozens of interesting startups who needed a bit of help to become leaders in their fields. Crowdholding enables the crowd to validate the product, become customers and share awareness about the product or service. The public, or the ‘crowd’ is not only able to contribute to businesses in a cognitive or financial sense, but there’s an opportunity for a mutually beneficial scenario, where both the public and the business can work together. Businesses will be able to give back to the crowd via our YUPIE token.


Expert Review

4 out of 5

The platform's mission is to "Unite global businesses and the public on a co-creation platform, ensuring prosperity for both." Crowdholding enables the public, or ‘the crowd’, to help validate, iterate on, or build awareness for products or services. In return, the product or service owner rewards the crowd for their activity. The developers can also easily get feedback from thousands of users and check what types of products and services the market needs. The ordinary users can then build a portfolio of successfully funded projects and their results and earn YUP by simply being involved in the community. There are many crowdfunding projects both on the mainstream and blockchain-based markets, therefore the competition may be tough. The team is wide and consists of many experienced and skilled members. Among advisors there is founder and head of Richfox Capital and former Country Leader at IBM. The project partners with Google's Launchpad

User Review

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Crumple Cat07 november 2017, 13:58

This is one of my favorite projects, which I sincerely support and take part as a crowdsourcer. Unlike many today, this is a real project without hype. Just crowdsourcing 2.0, which already works. This means that for today this is the most successful model in the history of the crowdsourcing evolution, at my discretion. You participate in the co-creation of startups that you like most and earn cryptocurrency.

George Peabody06 november 2017, 16:02

The fact the idea is not unique does not mean the project is worthless. To the opposite it provides a wider choice to the people who will use these platforms. Also the crowdsourcing offering is an additional feature that strengthens the project. I don't really see how the existing centralised solutions are competitors. We are moving away from the single point of controlling data to decentralising. Therefore, whoever supports the idea the centralised companies with similar offerings competing with the distributed I am not sure understand the what platforms such as crowdholding trying to achieve.

JackTheCryptor04 november 2017, 00:40

I rate it a 4/5. The need for a decentralized employment platform is growing exponentially . I see The crowdfunding industry is large, and if Crowdholding is successful, it can become a leader in a large and growing market. Although i have seen multiple projects similar to Crowdholding, what sets them apart is the transparency with the community. They're responsiveness is incredibly fast as well.

alechandro_04 november 2017, 00:21

After a short review, this platform does have similarities with crowdfunding platforms, however when you dig deeper you see they goal is actually co-creation between supporters and entrepreneurs. This isn't something that currently exist on the market as a solution, it's a 2 in 1 combination between crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. The advantage is that a business organises a crowd of followers before the actual product is launched, which is what a startups lacks the most - raising awareness. Doing so through together with the crowd is a unique solution from Crowdholding and cannot be compared on same level as kickico as it has a different purpose.

Anger Management01 november 2017, 22:08

Recently there was this big ICO project called KICKICO, I think they are good enough to become the crypto crowdfunding platform for some time and the market is not yet developed to need multiple platforms. Crowdholding generally looks very good for me, they design is pretty neat and everything seems to be working good, but why repeat something that already exists?

Opinion#4528 august 2017, 14:08

I rate it 3/5 as it it's I think a generic medium rating as I'm not really sure what to think about ANOTHER crowdfunding platform being crowdfunded with ICO. I mean, I've seen numerous projects like this and I'm not sure if they are even different from each other. Interesting feature here is a possibility of building a portfolio of projects that you patronize which can be an interesting thing as you act almost like an investor. The site's design is very good and all the necessary information is provided, but it lacks something original and groundbreaking for me.

mythy7016 august 2017, 22:50

Crowdholding connects the crowd with entrepreneurs. Excellent choice for a gig-job as well as a good option for passive income stream and personal brand building, this is the future of capitalism where the customers help grow a business and share in their success. Amazing!

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