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Covesting is a copy-trading platform built for investors and crypto currency traders.

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Dimitrij Pruglo - CEO & Founder

Tim Voronin - COO & Co-Founder

Dinis Guarda - Co-Founder

Peter Kristensen - Head of Markets and Investor Relations

Kurt Carlsson - Chief Commercial Officer

Zeeshan Mallick - Chief Marketing Officer

COVESTING peer-2-peer Asset Platform – the essence and core of the COVESTING infrastructure. It implements a successful peer-2-peer business model and disrupts the traditional investment management industry. Investors can easily browse through hundreds of trading Models (strategies), provided by professional cryptocurrency traders and in e ect “follow” the ones matching their goals. All members can get a clear picture of current and past performances of each trading Model. By following, the platform does not allocate monies to anyone but rather implement the person own decision whereby the platform automatically replicates all trading activity of a chosen Model directly into investors’ accounts at COVESTING, providing a unique peer-2-peer experience along with the safety of funds.

Expert Review

4 out of 5

Covesting seems to offer quite an interesting service. They want to allow people to copy investing strategies and the sole investments from various successful cryptocurrency traders. The user could easily find the best trader by looking at his succession rate and overall profitability, he could follow him and automatically copy his investments and then profit together. By following multiple traders, user can easily minimize the risks of loss. Real-time reporting enables all users to get a full picture of their trading activity at any time. The design of the platform and the information provided there is quite good.

User Review

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Thomas Rider29 december 2017, 12:14

I think one of the advantages of this project might be the team behind it, as not only they are real and traceable people, which sometimes is rarity in other ICO projects that simply look suspicious, but they are also very experienced not only in investing and trading but also blockchain technologies. I think they are proper people to deliver what they promise and that the platform has a great chance of becoming successful.

Josh Ty.29 december 2017, 12:11

So the idea is that you can copy automatically the best traders and investors and profit alongside with them. You can also use settings to decide if you want to risk more or if you are looking for small but safe profits. I guess, it's a very interesting idea and many people can benefit from such platform. However, on the other hand it may seem dangerous to rely solely on someone else's decisions with your money.

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