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Cove Identity


End-to-end control of your digital identity and documents

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Smart contract blockchain




Kunal Nandwani - Co-Founder and CEO

Jon Bishop - Co-founder and CPMO

Sarvpriye Soni - Co-founder and VP of Tech

David Bailey - Advisor

NC Ramgopal - Advisor

Desigan Chinniah - Advisor

Effortlessly verify your identity online and offline with digitally-verified copies of your most important documents stored on an ultra secure wallet on your phone.

Shells will be used within the Cove platform to incentivise community engagement as a micropayment mechanism. Our tokens are called Shells.

Token sale will be the mechanism we use to distribute our Shells among the community.

Token sale will be held in two stages the pre-sale and the crowdsale.

Expert Review

4 out of 5

Such tool can become very useful if developed right. Cove Identity wants to create sort of a drive, where you could store any documents even the most important and valuable one. They all will be protected by the blockchain, therefore no one but you will be able to access them. You can also share part of the files or the particular information that you want. We often need a quick access to documents or data that for the safety reasons we don't always carry with us, as Cove guarantees very good encryption and protection you can even store everything in one place and access it whenever you want. Apart from everyday users who could store their ID, insurance or tax information, medical data, companies can also use it to store their important business documents. The general design of the site, platform and mobile app look very good and easy to use.

User Review

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Sorry for the bad review05 october 2017, 16:02

I think they just try to imitate and join ideas from other ICO projects. I mean there is an Authorship ICO, Silent Notary ICO, They take care of the validation and authenticity of digital documents. With Silent Notary actually making every evidence, a photo or a digital document a legal one. Cove Identity wants to sell it like some genius document manager, in that case we've got also the whole Google Docs that can offer everything you need. They may not have the privacy of any other blockchain or ICO project, but Cove Identity doesn't offer enough in a matter of document management to beat Google Docs and if I were looking for some apps to validate my digital documents to act as a real one, there are other ICO projects and tools.

Name_Surname05 october 2017, 15:57

I've seen that "authentic" documents idea in some other ICO project. It is really great for me, that we will be able to use digital documents with the same valid and legal power as the paper ones. Blockchain allows to mark them as unforgable and as it acts as a great data storage, they are safe, transparent and always true. You cannot change something what once gets into the blockchain, therefore there won't be any scams or faked documents. They focus on that all safety and privacy.

ZXCY05 october 2017, 15:55

Sooo, it's just a document management app? I mean it offers all of these fancy features, like scanning and sorting it efficiently, with text recognition and smart tags. As it's blockchain based it is of course secure and very well encrypted. The design of the site is also quite good.

But come on, it's a document managing little app. Why would they need so much money and why would they issue a special token just for this project.

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