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Three-Way Concept for a Profitable Future!

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Aidan Harker - CEO

Gary Wong - CFO

Sammy Young - CIO

Andre Thengku - Programmer

Mark Tuan - Programmer

Jay Nik - Programmer

The Team around Corex consists of selected Crypto and Forex traders, who have long experience in the fields of cryptocurrencies and already prove their worth. The idea of Corex was to make those traders accessible to everyone. Common knowledge is, that professional traders are very expensive and that you need to have plenty of capital available, if you want to consult a skilled trader. Not so with Corex.

Our new founded concept saves you those costs and enables you access to a path of a pro table future with the help of top traders on the Crypto- as well as on the Forex market. Corex created a way to halve the risk by spreading capital across two markets, but with increasing profits.

Cryptocurrencies triggered a real hype in 2017. The over 1,500 cryptocurrencies which appeared and have grown since then are not to be underestimated as their technology will determine and change our lives in the future. The Blockchain technology, which our work is based on, is a new found concept which is now also used in many other industries and by now is just at the beginning of its possibilities. If you want to participate in the success of Cryptocurrencies, you are exactly right with us. Our platform grants you access to different possibilities to be successful with Cryptocurrencies. Anyhow, please be aware of the risk and do not use capital whose loss you cannot absorb. The fastest and most comfortable way to trade Cryptocurrencies is to invest in a platform where professionals generate your profits. We offer Cryptocurrency trading alongside Forex and arbitrage trading. This is your and our turn!

Expert Review

1.5 out of 5

Corex is a cryptocurrency and forex investment management platform. It is supposed that anyone can buy Corex tokens and earn a "stable and guaranteed big profit" from projects' earnings from trading and lending. This concept seems to be unreliable, because it is impossible to make big profit guaranteed without any risks. So the fact they promise that means the team doesn't understand that fact or misleads its potential investors. Moreover, they say that "The Team around Corex consists of selected Crypto and Forex traders", yet they are not listed on the site or in any documentation, therefore one can't even check their skills or previous trading experience.

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