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Cool Cousin


Tourism Is Old. Let's Travel

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Guy Levi - Head Of Front-End Development

Itay Nagler - CEO

Gil Azrielant - CTO

Nadav Saadia - CMO

Shachar Cotani - CPO

Itamar Weizman - COO

Launched in 2016, Cool Cousin is a VC-backed travel company, used by over 500K travelers worldwide. Crowned as an up-and-coming travel service by New York Times, Guardian, USA Today, National Geographic and TechCrunch, Cool Cousin enjoys monthly double-digit growth and is well positioned to become a major player in the $2.3 trillion travel industry.

Information overload and biased online content in the centralized travel market, makes it impossible for travelers to find relevant info. No matter how hard they try to avoid dubious online recommendations, much of their precious vacation time (and dime) is wasted on mediocre places that don’t fit their vibe.

Cool Cousin is the antidote to this growing frustration. Using our friendly app, travelers get on-demand city guidance that matches their style and needs, directly from like-minded locals.

Once they’ve connected with a Cousin, travelers can directly reach out to them for personalized city guidance. Every month, thousands of travelers contact our Cousins for advice on timing their visit, where they should stay, tickets for special occasions, current events, customized itineraries and more.

Cousins are a refined version of the travel agent, optimized for Millenials and Gen Z.

Expert Review

4.9 out of 5

Cool Cousin is a travel company, but they describe themselves as the easiest and funnest way to find unique places that you can enjoy in cities around the world. They offer a new level of involvement of tourists and travelers in the process, allowing them to choose places for travel that are most suitable for them. And the support of tourists on a local level is provided by local residents instead of guides, which allows you to look at the cities and countries from the other side and get much more natural experience. The most remarkable fact is the fact that it is already a real company with more than 500 thousand users around the world. In addition, the company has already received venture financing and support. All this indicates that the company has a really great potential for growth in a sufficiently large market.

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