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Platform for charity fundraising based on Ethereum contract

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Smart contract blockchain





PAWEŁ NAPIERACZ - CTO / Lead Software Developer

PATRYK SIEDLIŃSKI - Marketing Director


DAGMARA WILMONT - Donation Manager

MARTYNA BIAŁEK - Content Developer / PR Specialist

charitySPACE is a full-featured internet platform based on blockchain technology. I It is a system built on the Ethereum platform smart contract, through which fundraisings of that currency are organized, the majority of which is donated to charities, orphanages, hospitals and other charitable organizations that care about the welfare of others. In return for participation in the fundraising, a participant takes part in the prize draw. The first stage of the project takes account of intangible awards i.e. ETH and BTC pools. The next stage is the inclusion of material objects such as electronics or motorcycles and cars.

Expert Review

3.5 out of 5

CharitySPACE is a charity platform utilizing blockchain and gamification for its purposes. Сharity has long been requiring solution of its main problem - the opacity of the distribution of funds, the lack of a guarantee of their targeted use. And blockchain could help solve this problem. However, creators of the project, while claiming such functionality, do not actually implement it properly. To do this, it would be sufficient to create a smart contract that would guarantee the sending of funds to the beneficiary after the end of the charity round. Instead, the project offers a strange scheme in which the contributors are motivated by the opportunity to win a prize - 25% of the collected funds. Although charity's motivation is completely different, it should not turn into a lottery. ICO is prepared well, but the concept should be changed.

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