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Is a revolutionary financial proposition

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ARTUR LUHAÄÄR - Partner at Change, CEO at Smartly

GUSTAV LIBLIK - Partner at Change, CEO at First Meta

EDGARS SIMANOVSKIS - CTO at Change, Blockchain developer

NAKUL PANT - CTO at Smartly

HENRY KEHLMANN - Blockchain developer

Change is a new age financial proposition for individuals with high financial ambitions. It is created for

young and forward-looking men and women who feel disconnected with the way banks operate.

The clean, minimalist look of Change’s logo was designed to fit our vision. The broken circle represents Change – the ability to “break the loop” and take control.

Banks have centralized all financial services and present themselves as “jacks of all trades". This has caused them to grow into slow-moving behemoths, reactionary as their resources are spread over several different areas. However, FinTech companies are able to make use of cutting edge technology and advanced business models to produce better results in individual financial services, as compared to banks.

Expert Review

4 out of 5

Change aims to be a complete crypto bank where it allows users to store their crypto assets, spend them online and offline worldwide and use the assets to invest in stocks, in P2P loans. It is also involved in e-Residency initiative by the government of Estonia which gives users digital identity allowing them to start a company, open a bank account, file taxes etc without physically being in the EU. It has CAG tokens to accomplish its goals. It has a small team of 10 members who are connected to FinTech startups so the team evaluation is positive.

User Review

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The Reviewer #10209 september 2017, 22:17

I'm not sure if decentralized world with people that wanted to do everything to separate themselves from any banks, is the best place to establish a bank. I mean, it's kinda what everyone was fighting against. However, they aim to create a card that will let you spend your cryptocurrencies in the real world and convert them instantly to fiat and pay like with a normal debit card. I'm not sure if there will be people who will trust them enough to store their cryptocurrencies in their wallets. It's quite dangerous, and we know that people in this crypto world really put privacy and transparency and most importantly security at the top priority.

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