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Multi-Cryptocurrency Support

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Smart contract blockchain




Sam Sharma - President/Co-Founder

Michael Edwards - VP/Co-Founder

Steve Sykes - CTO

Raymond Trapani - COO

Jessica Robinson - CFO

Robert Farkas - CMO

Expert Review

3.4 out of 5

Centra is a cryptocurrency wallet linked with a debit card allowing users to spend 8 cryptocurrencies namely Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, ZCash, and Monero worldwide and had partnered with Visa, MasterCard. In addition, the company also aims to launch an online buying platform called Coin Bay like Amazon which accepts cryptocurrencies. The team members do not have a LinkedIn account and the other social media accounts also were created while the projects launched. They have 68 million CTR tokens for their ICO. It competes with TenX.

User Review

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Opinion#4528 august 2017, 14:16

The idea is quite good as it combines crypto world with mainstream world. It enables you to pay for everyday things with your crypto with the help of a special card and wallet. It's a very good idea, but I've seen other projects doing exactly the same, but they seem to deliver it in a better way, and came up with the idea earlier. This project doesn't improve anything in this matter, it looks a bit like a copy. It's now a matter of whether or not the investor wants to invest in this or another project that offers basically the same.

jendej17 august 2017, 18:04

I like the way they promote this, by linking the past history of money with the future of cryptocurrency. Adventage of the project is that they accept range of cryptocurrencies. Adventage is that they have to battle with other wallets that already are in existence. Disadventage of the wallet is that the system of the wallets is chaotic. I expected more development already from this team.

iamaltcoinfan16 august 2017, 09:46

It is the best project in recent time because of its advantage to spend maximum availabe crypto currency and assets like btc,ltc,dash some other coin as well ERC20 tokens in real time . Disadvantage how ico participants will get profit when they claimed no fees or less fees and also conversion of crypto currency to fiat not clearly mentioned

Phil.il15 august 2017, 19:25

Well I can talk about advantages and disadvantages of this project, but for me it's just a rip off of already existing, quite successful ICO that is Monaco. They basically offer same things, but the difference is that Monaco ensures that quality and safety of investment while here we are getting a cheaper and less professional looking poorer version. I know that competition is good for companies to improve themselves but this one is really badly executed. The design is awful in the contrary to clean and neat Monaco. If you want to invest in a wallet that with a special card and good exchange rates combines the crypto and fiat world together there are better projects than this rip off.

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