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Peter Fröhlich - Founder. CEO. Web developer

Steve St. Angelo - CMO. Analyst. Content creator

Micha Roon - Ethereum Engineer

Noellar Kappa - Security Engineer

Veerakumar Loganathan - AdServer Team Leader

Thaveethu Abraham - Senior AdServer Developer

Expert Review

3 out of 5

CDX creates an advertising platform with its own specific bias - "an advertising network of creative minds that oppose the power that will be." In fact, the description of the project does not quite make it clear what exactly the project is doing, terms such as Alt-Media, are used without explanation. The financial model of the project is also not clear. At first glance, white paper is essentially detailed, but does not contain many important information. The project team consists of just two people.

User Review

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shawonngp15 september 2017, 09:37

DXC means The focus on global environmental protection to continues grow daily with rules and regulations designed to address hazardous substances in products, as well as reduced waste and recycling efforts. As an IT services company, DXC Technology (DXC) leads the way in environmental compliance by working to:

Shrink our carbon footprint
Develop products and solutions that reduce environmental impact
Provide successful product return and recycling programs
Decrease energy use in our operations

Mials14 september 2017, 22:45

I like the theme of project which is focusing on supporting on writers or publishers who dare to against the forces of corruption in government and organization structure. This is a project which could improve and create a better living style in future. The team has made very professional site and whitepaper to present for everyone because content is very informative and presentable. Excellent works. But, currently I would like to join project which can earn return in fast, so when I've extra money, I would contribute and supporting them, definitely.

TanyaDegurechaff14 september 2017, 16:07

This ICO is focused on bringing more income to all kinds of publishers by creating an environment that supports those who are underpaid. The question is this. What sets them apart from many advertising companies? I think that the feature on their ICO that is unique is that publisher can promote their site on the network as well.
The question that comes to my mind is why would I invest in this ICO? Well for me if I want to help my fellow writers to be more financial stable then the answer is yes.
But if you are not in the field of content creators and focused solely on investing money for profit. This ICO might not be the one for you.

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