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World's operating car towing platform on blockchain

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Taras Semenov - CEO

Alexey Tayanchin - CIO

Gala Kovaleva - CFO

Ksenia Moller - CMO

Vihtori Mallat - Blockchain Developer

Nazarov Egor - Lead Java Developer

Expert Review

4.2 out of 5

Judging by the investors interest in this project, it may turn out to be quite successful. The name of the project may indicate that it is some taxi service, but it's not about taxi for humans, but their cars and vehicles. CarTaxi is in fact a towing service. We may even compare it a bit to Uber, but for cars. It connects all tow trucks to one online network and provides fast and safe transportation of vehicles any time and anywhere. Such tow truck can be ordered through a mobile app. It is already successfully working in 20 cities, and the service is yet to be spread further, therefore it may seem profitable to buy the token at this early stage, if they indeed happen to offer their services in the whole country or even world one day. However, it's also worth thinking yourself whether car towing is really in such demand. The delivery of the product and technical aspect seems of pretty good quality.

User Review

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Justin03 october 2017, 14:04

After doing some research I found out that this CarTaxi thing is a real company operating in Russia. Not all ICOs have a working product. The name for at first was misleading for me, but I guess what they are trying to communicate is a TAXI for your CAR hence the name CarTaxi.

karmakeddon17 september 2017, 04:28

This service is quite unique as it offers transport services for your transportation. If you do not want to rack up a lot of mileage in your own car and want to move it to a different location, you can use this service for that purpose. This is good for people moving to a different city or a different state.

TanyaDegurechaff16 september 2017, 18:32

When I first heard the name I thought it was like uber or grab, but into my surprise it was a towing ICO. For me the title is misleading and may attract user that are looking for rides rather than towing services.
After watching the video and entering the site I have noticed that most of the features os this ICO are being done by regular towing companies. The only set it apart is that it uses cryptocurrencies as the mode of payment. I have many concerns about this ICO especially about privacy issues. As they said they are monitoring the users and make calculations for the best service they can provide. My reason for using cryptocurrencies is anonymity. In my understanding if you use their service they will monitor you which may lead to finding out your personal information which is the opposite idea of anonymity and I don’t like that. But the biggest obstacle that this ICO may face is that the apps uses internet to process the request for the service. For me I would rather call a towing company using my mobile phone monthly call allowance than to use the mobile data which is more expensive.

Leonardo F.16 september 2017, 17:30

I'm not sure about this project. I mean the whole advertisement that says "taxi for your car" and the delivery of this product seems interting. However, how great of a demand there is for such services, and how much is blockchain technology needed for this? The idea seems okay, a blockchain network that combines all the car towing trucks so that when you need it you don't have to wait long to get one. I like the fact that blockchain technology gets into maintream businesses, but how complicated such app needs to be that they need to raise so much money and deploy they own tokens.

Johnathan15 september 2017, 09:00

I find this project quite interesting. They want to create a platform that will connect all the tow trucks so that in case of an emergency you can easily get the one that is the nearest to you and can get to you and help you the fastest. Really good service in that case. The project have successfully launched in 20 cities, so it's an advantage as we can see that they have the needed skills to deliver a working application.

The site's design is very good and very informative. It helps to research all of the needed information a lot.

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