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Carry Protocol


Carry makes personal data fair for consumers, marketers and merchants

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Smart contract blockchain




Grant Sohn - co-CEO

Richard Choi - co-CEO

Swen Mun - Lead Developer

Hong Minhee - Developer

Jungwon Yu - Head of Business Development

Yujeong Nam - UX Designer

Heeyeun Jeong - Product designer

Jisun Park - Product designer

CRE (pronounced "carry") is the main token in the Carry Protocol. Consumers can use it as currency to pay merchants within the Carry ecosystem. Merchants use it to create branded tokens or smart contracts. Consumers receive CRE from 3rd party advertisers, as payment for accessing the consumers’ transaction data blockchains. And this is all acheived without lifting the veil of anonymity.

Expert Review

4.9 out of 5

Carry Protocol have noticed that the traditional offline retail is a $25 trillion industry, capturing at least 90% of all retail spending, which generates lots of data. While many companies try to put more focus on online shopping, Amazon's $14 billion acquisition of Whole Foods reflects the strategic importance of linking online with offline. While it's easy to track user behaviour and data in online activity, it is much harder for regular brick-and-mortar retailers to benefit from all of these helpful data, which can significantly boost sales. The system aims to empower customers, merchants and also advertisers. They want to provide payment terminals which can support crypto payments in regular shops, branded tokens which can act as loyalty points and bonuses, a wallet API for payments that enables consumers to manage their own privacy and optionally monetize their transaction data and a targeted advertising system. The interesting feature is that customers have access to the type of data their produce and can anonymously monetize it, which finally gets back the power and control over our data back to the people and not big companies. The site is very well designed and provides a lot of information about the project, which makes it easy to understand and research for potential investors. The team is relatively big and most importantly consists mostly of developers, designers, programmers and blockchain specialists, which means they will most likely deliver the promised technology and system.

User Review

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ICO Review24 june 2018, 18:05

First and foremost, the project gives a very professional vibe, the site is well designed and it's a pleasure to navigate through it and look for project's details and information. The whitepapers easily explain the sole idea, the current problem and potential possibilities for such platform as the market they are targeting is very large and can generate lots of revenue. I think the project is prepared very well both from the technical side, as their team consists of skilled and experienced developers but also from the strategic side and they have a high chance of succeeding both in conducting the ICO, but also delivering the system.

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