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Adult Industry Token

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Alexander Maslov - CO-FOUNDER CEO

Vasilisa Yakubo - CO-FOUNDER COO

Andrei Kazarin - CO-FOUNDER CTO



Ove Skovgaard - DEVOPS

The adult industry is one of the biggest in the world with $103 billion annual revenue. Despite the impressive figures, banks and financial institutions have road-blocked businesses and individuals in the industry making payments expensive and insecure.

The BunnyToken payment solution will solve three major problems for businesses, individuals and consumers of the adult industry: eliminate large fees, guarantee security of funds and provide 100% anonymous transactions.

BunnyToken is managed by entrepreneurs and businessmen from the adult industry. Their extensive experience is coupled with financial specialists and blockchain experts. Together they have set up a strong foundation for a platform which can change payment systems for every adult industry participant.

Expert Review

4.7 out of 5

BunnyToken - a project aimed at the application of Blockhain in the field of entertainment for adults. Their vision is a future where a large share of the adult market uses one unified token. BunnyToken is a payment solution platform based on the Ethereum blockchain allowing reliable, fast and anonymous payments. On some sites, cryptocurrency payments in a form of Bitcoin or Dogecoin have already been tried or even introduced. The project promises to solve some issues in the industry, for example providing 100% anonymous transactions. There is also an existent problem with payment providers, as a large number of such services and banks do not accept any accounts related to the adult industry. When it comes to the sole adult industry, according to 2017 report the industry was valued at an incredible 97 billion dollars annually. The smart contract of the project is available. Compared to other ICOs in this sphere, it has a chance of attracting good investments, because the preparation is at an extremely high level. The project team consists of a very large number of specialists. All legal aspects of the project are also thought out - the necessary documentation, legal entity, etc.

User Review

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ThatGuyWithABeard01 april 2018, 00:31

Porn sells. Period. The token goes up in price 1% every day. That doesn't guarantee anything. But its backed by experience and fills a need in an industry that would benefit with a common currency. Has my vote!

Agis10 march 2018, 23:22

Adult industry needs a crypto. Everybody wants to stay anonymous. Since this project already has partnered websites I believe it is a good one. Definitely will buy it. Porn promotes itself. So the price also has to grow fast

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