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Brickblock is a project to build a platform to seamlessly connect

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Smart contract blockchain




Jakob - Co-founder

Martin - Co-founder

Philip Paetz - Digital Strategist

Marius Hanne - Developer

Adrian Kizlauskas - Developer

Paolo Bernewitz - Head of Design

Expert Review

4 out of 5

Brickblock is a smart contract platform that allows you to sell and invest in tokenized assets with the focus on the real estate on the blockchain. The exchange will be built on the 0x protocol and feature a FIAT payment gateway. Among the features one can distinguish Escrow-backed Security for Investors and Brokers, Legal Enforceability of Claims, Digital Trust Fund. Brickblock offers an actively managed fund of crypto and real-world assets. This fund specializes in trading asset-backed tokens. It's worth noting that the platform has an already working prototype and the prospectus has been filed for regulatory approval in the European Union. One of the advantages is a large team and quite detailed documentation, including not only White Paper, but also Technical Paper, which is not so common, but it is very important for technically complex projects.

User Review

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themainman20 august 2017, 10:09

brickblock is platform that offer reliable and secure online stock trading with cryptocurrencies
user can invest in various cryptocurrency asset with one transaction
ability to invest in various real estate with country like US, Asia and Europe
exchange of fund for stock, bond and commodity
its fast and cost efficient
it is secure and transparent
dedicated management team
offer discount on token sales
contribution can be ETH, BTC. LTC
US citizens can not participate

j.bob213 august 2017, 11:47

You get a token that stores all the information and validates your purchase of many assets. And when it comes to assets it not only focus on the cryptoworld but actually join the old classic world with real estate, stock exchanges and common funds. Taking a regular brokerage into the Internet was real innovation and ground-breaking moment and when now it is being taken into the blockchain it's an even greater step further.

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