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Decentralized bank

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Smart contract blockchain




Adam Traidman - CEO, Co-founder

Aaron Voisine - President & Co-founder

Aaron Lasher - CMO & Co-founder

James MacWhyte - Chief Product Officer

Samuel Sutch - Chief Technology Officer

Brent Traidman - Chief Revenue Officer

Bread is offering the BRD token, which will enable special features, services, and discounts on the Bread platform.Bread’s primary wallet functions have always been, and will always be, free. Additional third-party services offered through Bread cost a fee to use, but holders of BRD tokens will gain access to special, discounted pricing on these services. In the coming months Bread will be introducing new capabilities designed for traders and investors, and BRD tokens will also offer complimentary and/or exclusive access to many of these premium financial services features.

Expert Review

4.4 out of 5

Bread (BRD) supposed to be "the simple and secure bitcoin wallet" (in fact not only bitcoin, they are going to implement Ethereum ERC20 support in the nearest future). The main advantage - they do not store the user's funds on the app's side - that's how it actually should work. In addition, they already have a product, developed since 2014 and now has more than 1,000,000 users. Of course, they are far not the only project developing cryptowallets, and hardly to say who will eventually win. But the ready-made and popular product is a good advantage to compete. Also they promote their own token - BRD - which can be used on the platform as well as other crypto-currencies.

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