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Is a voting technology based on the blockchain

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Smart contract blockchain




Claudio Perlini - Project Lead

Giovanni Zorzato - Tech Lead

William Selmo - Business Developer

Edoardo Birbini - UI/UX designe

Expert Review

4.3 out of 5

Boule aims to provide a voting platform by using the blockchain to provide fair, trust-less and unalterable voting systems. It will finally make the votes transparent and nonmanipulative. It will also be a greatly used token as more bodies which require voting will have to purchase these token in order to start with the process but due to the limited supply the demand will increase and its value will too. The team evaluation is positive and it is a kind of projects which has a great demand looking at the current scenario. The web design is minimal and has every needed information.

User Review

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I20.djcu3924 april 2018, 22:28

I would prefer being a part of such project as it is highly required due to the increase manipulations in the voting systems. We really need a project like this. It has a real usage in the real world and may be in a way revolutionary when you look at that in the future, when probably all of the votings could be taking place through such blockchain-based platform.

The Reviewer #10209 september 2017, 22:21

I think the idea is pretty interesting and such project is very needed in today's world. Blockchain has introduced to us a lot of interesting technologies and things that could be done much easier thanks to it. As blockchain is the best mean to store data both securely and transparently, it makes it be the best tool to establish a voting platform. And that's what they are aiming to do. To make votes finally transparent and not dependent on the people of power and influence that can rig it during the counting process.

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