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Decentralized experience monetization platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Mikhail Dashkiev - Project founder

Petr Osipov - Project founder

Alexander Sagoun - Project manager

Ruslan Khusnutdinov - Creative director

Roman Moiseyev - Co-founder, project conception author

Yuliya Slozhenikina - PR manager

Expert Review

3.5 out of 5

BMChain offers a platform, which will allow "to exchange its usefulness in financial assets." If you read carefully the information about the project, it becomes clear that under the beautiful formulation there is something similar to the typical freelance platform, where you can provide and receive services in exchange for money. The only use of blockchain, in addition to raising funds for ICO is the exchange of funds within the platform, which, of course, does not make much sense. It is unlikely that the project will be successful, it has no real competitive advantages. The founders of the project - on the one hand, well-known personalities with experience in business, on the other hand - their main specialization is the marketing promotion of infoproducts, which do not have much value.

User Review

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Mials19 september 2017, 21:44

BMChain concepts are good which has integrate the value of coins into our lifestyle. The project highlights are excellent and it remind me the development of bitcoin market. Perhaps this project launched could bring up the benefits of other related coins in market as well as business circles in real life. I'm expecting on the booming market in near future because the price is cheaper value than BTC. The techniques would be greater than btc. The marketing team did great job for presenting excellent concept and features of BMchain functions through short video. It has higher chance to success or widely use in private sector within certain country.

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