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A platform for launching ICO campaigns

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Smart contract blockchain



In a nutshell, it is a “swiss knife” solution for ICO campaigns that we’re currently developing. Once released Blockstarter will help you carry out a crowdsale campaign from A to Z: create smart contracts, generate an ERC20-compatible token, engage with investors and bounty hunters, raise funds and even find professional team members for your project. All this with zero actual coding: our advanced UI will allow any entrepreneur with a basic grasp of modern technology to launch a crowdsale.

Expert Review

3.8 out of 5

The first sentence that welcomes us on their website, may disqualify the project instantly. Unfortunately, "A platform for launching ICO campaigns" has already been made a few times. Moreover, there are other better prepared ICOs that want to create such platform. On one hand, with the popularization of ICO as a crowdfunding method, such platform may turn out to be very helpful and popular among new projects creators, however the prosperity of other similar ICO starting platforms show that it's not that easy. KICKICO basically offers the same services and their token can act as an example on how the market and exchanges treat such projects and if it's really worthy investing if you are looking for huge profits. Ignoring the competition and market problem, the project itself looks solid enough to be fully and successfully developed, working and maybe even hosting new ICOs. Their design acts as a big advantage.

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