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Freelance on the Blockchain

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Michael Kaiser - CEO/CTO, co-founder

Christof Kurzemann - CFO, co-founder

Sabrina Kaiser r - COO, co-founde

Kevin Kaiser - CIO, co-founder

Alexander Thellmann - Community Manager & Content Creator

Expert Review

4.3 out of 5

Blocklancer which is also known as the Distributed Autonomous Job Marketplace (DAJ) on the Ethereum Blockchain has goals to create a self-regulatory platform to make it easy for people to find jobs and gett them done efficiently. It has LNC as its token which is ethereum based. It has a feature of Token Holder Tribunal which allows any disputes to be handled by the token-holders themselves. They advertise that as the Blocklancer is uncensored and truely decentralized, one can find very unique or even unusual tasks. It's been known in similiar mainstream services to take off various gigs or even ban people. It's also interesting that you can start freelancing even if you don't have a bank account or passport.The payments are guaranteed and they have only 3% fee per job and the total fees earned are distributed among the token holders. The project has improved significantly from the early ICO stages, the site is well designed and already working. The amount of gigs currently is not significant, yet it's possible to find some jobs.

User Review

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(329029)24 april 2018, 22:21

I would personally not invest in this project as the team doesn't really seem very professional and don't exactly know how are they going to achieve what they say and the other freelancing websites which are not blockchain based do have some cons but are working fine and this type of projects is not really required.

BTC_MILLION30 november 2017, 13:37

I am following the project since the beginning. I have to say that I never met a team that is so ambitious like the the Blocklancer Team. They are always very responsive, if there are any questions and they always give their best to clarify everything as good as possible. Their documentation reflects this attitude, because they have a very detailed whitepaper, manual and business plan. I think altogether their documentation is about 80 pages. That is far more than most other projects out there!

phest192930 november 2017, 13:23

If they end up being as big as Upwork god bless! I really like the idea of the Tokenholder Tribunal. This way annoying disputes can be solved fair and fast. I worked as freelancer and I had some really annoying disputes. If Blocklancer solves this problem, they definitely have an advantage over other freelancing services.

TanyaDegurechaff08 september 2017, 18:07

What I think about Blocklancer at first is that it is almost the same as other free lancing companies out there. But as soon as I watched the video and listen for what they have to say, I think that they offer an equal advantage to employers and free lancers. I love the idea of if there is a depute between the employer and freelancer Blocklancer will help to resolve the issue fairly.

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