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Bits Digit


An ecosystem for non-technical crypto users

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Smart contract blockchain




Kumar - Blockchain Engineer & Founder

Marjorie - Cryptographer & Co-Founder

Ravi - Blockchain Expert & Co-Founder

Expert Review

3.9 out of 5

Bits Digit is a crowdfunding platform focused towards small and medium-sized businesses based on the decentralized blockchain. It has plans to make the most liquid order book in the world which and allow users to easily exchange bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Monero, Dash, and Ripple with minimal slippage. It will also make easy for small businesses to raise their capital. The team behind has been working hard on it so that they create a platform for all the financial needs.

User Review

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Indaho24 april 2018, 22:18

I would invest in this project as the concept sounds really great as it will help some projects with great ideas and support them by helping them raise funds they need. The userbase will be quite large as more and more new projects keep showing up.

Little_Ann27 august 2017, 19:40

The site is very chaotic and bombs viewer with a lot of flying pictures and words making researching any information almost impossible and definitely not enjoyable. I couldn't really get a grasp of what they are aiming for. Seems like a really broad platform that will connect various services, but I'm not sure if even the developers know what services they want there. Seems like you could exchange goods and other assets there. I'd recommend to stay away for investing in this project. Nothing good can come from this.

merth915 august 2017, 14:45

I've never seen an uglier site. The design is so bad that it's hard to get any information of what they aim to do. And they aim do almost everything. One big platform with everything, from exchanges to merchants selling their goods with also their own wallet and token. I just can't see it ever making it big, or even working as a small independent transparent platform. They don't seem to know what they are doing.

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