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Online poker platform based on blockchain technology

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Smart contract blockchain




DMITRII MOTOROV - Chief Executive Officer

LUCAS CULLEN - Chief Technical Officer

Expert Review

3.4 out of 5

Bitpoker, as the name suggests, is an online poker platform built on the blockchain technology. It allows users to play poker uncensored online and works as a peer-to-peer platform. It aims to make online poker decentralized with more transparent, secure, and decentralized structure. Its token is CHIP. The team member includes poker players with blockchain knowledge so the team knows what their userbase actually requires as they are themselves a part of it. The web design is pretty great and makes playing poker easy.

User Review

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Your324 april 2018, 22:16

The project doesn't look that much solid and reliable. I would not recommend investing in it as the team doesn't seem to have adequate experience. But the design of the website is fine so if you want to play online poker then you can surely give it a try and it would be probably provided to you at a decent quality, however it doesn't appear to me as reliable site to play.

Mials18 september 2017, 18:15

The weblink on here was dead and kindly be remind to admin update the link when it is available, please. Through the whitepaper, Bitpoker works as a P2P platform and protocol that let users enjoy to play poker with more secure, transparent and decentralized structure. With the system, players could enjoy fast game play, fast transaction and fairness, because the developing system will minimize the chances of black-box tricks in the poker world. Pre-sales ICO was ended. The stage of general ICO is proceeding throughout September. If you are interesting and familiar with games or betting activities, you may invest. For me, it is not my favorite.

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