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New, extremely secure lending cryptocurrency and is specifically designed

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Bitfort is a self regulated financial system that allows owners to earn more coins through network marketing lending and staking, ability to have lending investment opportunities and the ability to do staking in a easy and smooth way.

Bifort dashboard was created to be user friendly, easy to understand and operate. This will help investors have less time worrying on working the system.

Expert Review

3.2 out of 5

Bitfort is a cryptocurrency lending platform allowing users to lend Bitcoins, Ethereum, and ripple. It claims to be a self-regulated financial system which enables its users to get more money via both staking and lending and it won't be promising unrealistic returns to its users. The Bitfort app will allow users to do everything like make transfers or store or lend. The web design is pretty fancy providing all the necessary information and the team members are still gaining reputation. The project's idea is somewhat generic which may make it hard to attract many investors or community members.

User Review

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asd24 april 2018, 22:09

The project doesn't seem that interesting to follow further. The site design and the content of the whitepapers are decent, however the exchange and lending features aren't that well delivered. I would not personally invest in the ICO as there are some good lending platforms currently and all that this project promises are already available, in fact, better is available.

cernymicheal28 february 2018, 01:21

looks good ICO to join, let's see how they will sell @ 1st round. i took a look at the telegram channel and i found good number of joiners. design looks amazing and the dashboard looks unique and friendly. even the exchange and lending looks it will be legit program

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