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Peer-to-Peer exotic car trading platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Dr. Gov van Ek - Co-founder

Daniel Woodroof - Cars Specialist

Charles Kilborn - International Engagement

Alasdair Penman - Software & Blockchain Engineer

John Bulich - Technical Advisor & Co-founder

Rose Burnett - Digital Marketer

Historically the ownership of rare and exotic hyper and super cars (known as ‘Exotics’) and classic cars have been limited to the very wealthy, until now. BitCar opens up Exotics asset class to everyone in the world allowing anyone to purchase an interest and or trade, in different Exotics. BitCar is opening up the door to traditional car ownership of Exotics and the P2P trading platform is only the very first instalment to the BitCar’s decentralised platform. The automotive industry is set to be disrupted and BitCar, after two years of research and development with the top legal firms in the industry, are set to take on the automotive industry by storm.

Expert Review

3.1 out of 5

BitCar is a very niche project that aims to create a kind of p2p platform that should allow hypercar owners to sell them in parts, and small investors to buy these shares. In our opinion, the project solves a non-existent, far-fetched problem. And even if we assume that there is such a problem, its potential target audience is very, very small. Cars, especially premium class are not the best means for investing money. It's not a secret for anyone that cars lose 30% of their value just after leaving the salon. Not to mention other problems that any vehicle may encounter. It is difficult to imagine the practical application of the ideas of this project in life, so ICO investors are unlikely to appreciate this proposal.

User Review

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soon1026 march 2018, 18:10

This is all new to me and I took a chance and bought some bitcar tokens I hope this pays off atleast if I'm able to get a free car even as I currently do not have a car it got wrote off recently in a accident

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