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Bitbon System


The Bitbon System is a large-scale infrastructure project, which represents a decentralized platform for Contributing.

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Simcord -

The Bitbon System is a large-scale infrastructure project, which represents a decentralized platform for Contributing.

Contributing is a completely new type of investment and asset management. Each project is audited in advance, and its business model is checked for validity, which makes this type of activity as transparent and safe as possible.

Contributing is the foundation of the Bitbon System economic model and reliably stimulates cyclical supply and demand for Bitbon.

Bitbon is the first financial crypto instrument backed by Assets of the real sector of economy via the underlying mechanisms of the Bitbon Capitalization Fund.

Expert Review

3 out of 5

Bitbon aims to create a universal blockchain-based financial instrument. It will enable anybody to exchange payment instruments, attract financing, keep records, as well as simply carry out a secure digital transfers of property rights to all kind of assets. The potential problem of Bitbon is how extensive they plan the platform to be. It might be easier to establish such system if it were focused on one thing in particular, while Bitbon aims to become the ultimate financial platform within few years only. When it comes to the competition in the crowdfunding field, there are a lot of blockchain-based and cryptocurrency-focused projects that want to improve the sector of raising funds. There isn't also too many technical information available. While the whitepapers provide enough details when it comes to the current plans and marketing strategy, the main features or advancements aren't clearly presented.There are a lot of promises of how Bitbon System is a solution to current financial problems, yet these statements aren't proved in an effective way. As an disadvantage acts also the fact that the team behind the project doesn't seem to be transparently provided in any place, which is quite weird, as they want to solve the exact problem of lack of solid information among ICOs, which turn out to be fake or scams.

User Review

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Simcord20 november 2018, 13:04

We`d like to inform you, that on the 16th of November 2018, the open bidding on our bit.Trade exchange ( has started.
From now on, the Bitbon System Users can purchase and sell Bitbons at the market price.
During the first 4 days of bidding on the Exchange the Bitbon prise has rosen from 6.45235 USD to 7,5 USD (rate for November 20).

Simcord10 october 2018, 16:30

Dear visitors of the Bitbon System page on Tokentops!
We are glad to inform you about the end of the Bitbon System crowdsale. Thank you for your interest and participation in the project. We start implementing the next stage of the Bitbon System development. You can learn about it in our news publications on the official information recourses of the project (, in social media and Bitbon Space mobile app.
You can buy Bitbon at the market price on the Bit Trade Exchange of Digital Assets (

mattewhopper26 september 2018, 17:36

Several different kinds of activity are available for the participants and that is the biggest advantage of the project.
You can just buy and sell (which is not interesting already), invest in start ups, become a miner or just take an offer “Golden Price” and wait for your reward (for really passive investors).
Anyone can choose his own way of cooperation and it`s really cool.

christopherrobin79814 september 2018, 10:26

As for me, such offers as the Golden Price, the ability of assetboxes inheritance and the official cooperation with the National Academy of Legal Sciences ensure in the perspectiveness of this project.
Hope they will acgieve all that was planned.

Mila_mila14 september 2018, 09:53

A lot of new terms, with are worth to sort out.
I haven`t known before, that contributing can be connected with investing.
Project are alternative to those which are used in the sector of real economy, but adapted to the digital finances and investments.
Good luck to team!

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