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Online Sports Betting Platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Serhii Moliboh - Project coordination

Beslan Birzhev - Product owner at Betmaster

Dmitry Zholobov - Business analytic at Betmaster

Andreas Ioannou - Director at Leo Trust Cyprus Ltd

Vladimir Markov - Research & development manager at Betmaster

Mikhail Traverse - Partner at ISD Group

Expert Review

4.2 out of 5

Betmaster is an online decentralized sports betting company which states to have invented a scientifically reinvented business model which allows users to make the most profits out of their investment as it is efficient because it uses highly sophisticated algorithms as algorithms make fewer mistakes than human resources. The team member has a quite great reputation and is dedicated towards the project with good programmers too. It makes gambling pretty easy and allows one to make the most out of their investment.

User Review

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John124 april 2018, 21:52

As gambling has always been famous among some people and some countries, I would say that this project has a high demand and it also has got a great team. It won't be always fruitful so I would recommend staying away from it.

Mials18 september 2017, 22:09

BETMaster team is going to develop an innovation system to improve betting transaction or service to every player or users. If the system was success, every betting transaction will be smooth and secure. Details are comprehensive and easily to understand. Work team is powerful. Currently, 1 BETM is worth for a dollar. It is quite expensive for me. This project is more suitable for investor who fancy of betting activities and earn quick money. High risk, high return. Anyway, invest at your own risk.

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