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Innovative decentralized online education platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Alexey Goncharenko - Founder, CEO

Vladimir Dorokhov - Co-Founder, CTO

Kristina Smirnova - Head of Marketing / PR

Venera Sabitova - UI/UX designer

Maxim Nikitin - Senior Web Developer

Expert Review

3.5 out of 5

BeOne is a decentralized online education platform which aims to let users share their knowledge about anything that can be taught like some skill, knowledge or experience and earn money through it. Whereas it also allows others to learn. When it comes to this type of platforms there is a strong competition both in mainstream solution but also blockchain-based projects. The team consists of experienced members. Its supply equaled 10 million tokens and accepted exchanged currencies were BTC, ETH, LTC, and DASH along with token holders having a right to vote for developmental issues. The site looked quite decent with all the necessary information provided.

User Review

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Your name24 april 2018, 21:51

I would say that this type of project is not highly demanded currently as there are online free courses available for almost any art or education. The team has indeed done a great job on this project but it won't achieve to gather great user base and support. So staying away from this ICO is what I feel would be right.

Karim Indez16 september 2017, 18:12

The site looks quite decent. Nothing too interesting when it comes to the design, quite proper. All the necessary information is provided. They claim to be "an innovative decentralized online education platform that enables users to make money by sharing skills, knowledge and experience." I'm not sure if there is any demand for such platform to exist or if it will ever gather any significant userbase or needed support and funds to finish this ICO. They want to provide courses and create groups of interests and all. Nothing too interesting or innovative for me.

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