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The Currency for Customer Loyalty

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Smart contract blockchain




John Laverty - Co-founder & CEO

Howard Sharp - Co-founder & CTO

Ian Livingstone - COO

Victoria Ellison - CFO

Robert Davis - CMO

Steven Richardson - Lead Full-stack Developer

A global decentralized ecosystem built on blockchain technology that enables interaction without borders between brands, companies and consumers. Benebit is a disruptive network for the cashback and loyalty market based on blockchain technology. The unbeatable social component of Benebit’s model is professionally designed to meet the highest standards of business/consumer interaction for securely storing and exchanging all kinds of user and brand data for the promotion of discounts, special deals, cashback and loyalty programs. Benebit simplifies and introduces a new way for businesses and consumers to interact, which drives traffic, increases loyalty and trust, and enhances convenience and security.

Expert Review

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Benebit has been exposed as possible scam, as the team behind the project turned out to consists of fake people with random names and stolen pictures. They have allegedly stolen more than $2,000,000, there is no information about any potential refunds. The official site doesn't work at the moment.

User Review

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Investor #1208 february 2018, 18:05

There are many places on the internet that have already confirmed that it has been in fact scam. There are proofs of fake team members and pictures that they have used. Right now the site has also disappeared, it looks like the money is possibly gone.

Cryptoniac05 february 2018, 19:46

SCAM!! Don´t invest in this! Visit their telegram channel to see. Whoever invested in this probably won't get his ether back. Visit telegram channel to see current status.

If I could, I'd rate it with -1 star.

This is one of the reason why people loosing their trust in icos....

Johan22 january 2018, 18:10


SCAAAAAAAAAAAM be aware!!!!!! Don't invest!!!!

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