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Steven Baek - CEO

Ernest Chae - CTO

Expert Review

1.2 out of 5

BeckSang is a decentralized platform developed for cloud mining, mining pools, mining tools and trading market for the users. It did not state its financial report for the project but still tended to sell 5 billion ARI tokens with only the ETH accepted for its purchase and it offered a discount for token purchase by investors too. The team members of the project don't seem real through their picture and they don't have a traceable record. The roadmap also was very lengthy and looked impractical. The website's design gives an uprofessional vibe and discourage from further project research.

User Review

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Your name24 april 2018, 21:48

It tries to bring services like mining, cloud mining and exchanging the mined coins on the same platform which will be very convenient but the lack of efforts put into its website gives a bad impression to it. The roadmap also seems impractical, so, I personally wouldn't recommend investing in it.

BitcoinMuscle05 september 2017, 05:40

The first impression when you go on their website is very bad. It was not enough that their website is not good looking also their video is horrible. Their idea is not new, there already are websites that provide what they want to do. After people will see how the presentation on their service, I am sure a lot of them will leave. Maybe their services are good, but thats is not enough. The first impression matters a lot

MonopolyPlayer20 august 2017, 17:40

First of all, the site is the worst thing that have ever happened to a project. Not only it is ugly it's also badly thought and the videos and information popping out unwanted really doesn't encourage anyone to stay any second longer to research what they are offering and they don't exactly now what they are offering either.

They provide tools to ease the process of mining. They are like a cloud mining site that we already have many good and well established, I surely wouldn't be able to trust them enough to buy their computing power. They also want to integrate an exchange there so you mine and sell immediately, that actually sounds quite good, but the way they are promoting this, doesn't look too good.

I'd rather stay away from such projects if I were to invest some money.

themainman19 august 2017, 13:25

becksang is a project to be developed for mining cryptocurrencies through blockchain technology. the project didnt stated the financial report for the project but tend to sell 5 billion ARI token
offer discount for token purchase by investor
poor web design
team members have no traceable record and the picture look fake
lengthy and scanty roadmap
accept ETH only

Vitali18 august 2017, 10:30

So they want to combine few services into a single platform, where you could have a necessary helping tools to mine your coins, you could use the service of cloud mining and then you could even exchange your coins, everything taking place in a one place. Seems pretty convenient. However we can have a doubt about the quality of all these services. The design of the site is not good and the information about project are very hard to find. It's not straight forward nor transparent enough. An exchange also needs a huge userbase for it to exist and they might have a problem gathering them and there are also other cloud mining services that are already established and known. Also the development team is very poor and consists only of two people.

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