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Smart Contract Powered Retirement Plans

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Smart contract blockchain




Martijn van Eck - HOLLAND FINTECH


Vladislav Nikitenkov - MEDIA ADVISOR

Raphael Vantroost - CEO

Daniel Duarte - CTO

Vinicius Melo - Head of Strategy

Ludmila Lopes - Head of Marketing

Auctus is the world's first blockchain based retirement plan platform, which allows users to create diversified portfolios, consisting of traditional asset classes and cryptocurrencies.  Auctus' mission is to empower the retirement saver and provide the information needed to take well-informed decisions by utilizing Ethereum smart contracts and robo advisory.

The Auctus Platform is a global smart contract-based retirement and goal-based saving platform with specialized portfolio management services for traditional equity and bond investments, as well as cryptocurrency investments.

The platform provides the user an aggregated view of all retirement savings, from government regulated IRA/401k plans, voluntary traditional retirement plans, as well as crypto wallets. Only by having this holistic view, well informed decisions and a professional long-term strategy can be established.

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cesarmajia66205 march 2018, 23:27

The working product is the thing that highlights this ICO from others. Anyone can check the live demo on their website. they've built lots of marketing software for ecommerce, that gives the credibility. Last but not least, their vision is far beyond other blockchain rewards projects. All together, this gives The project the excellent marks. I met the team in person on the Amsterdam blockchain event and i can assure everybody this team is legit.

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