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World’s Real Estate Blockchain Platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Julian Svirsky - CEO & Co-founder

Neil Mohinani - CFO & Co-founder

Denis Donin - CTO & Co-founder

Alex Taylor - Communication/HR

Pavel Foos - Solidity / JavaScript

Eugene Seregin - Solidity / JavaScript

Expert Review

4.8 out of 5

With many projects adopting ICO as a way for funding and focusing on the blockchain and tokens, there were already many attempts to tokenize the Real Estate market. From all of them, we can set Atlant apart as the solid and promising one. They want to create a platform where you could easily trade, invest and rent various real estate. Blockchain allows to cut any fees to the bare minimum and to improve the rating system. Tenants won't be able to give fake or unverified housing reviews or change them whenever they want. The team is very wide and diversified when it comes to skills. There are experts both from the technical programming and blockchain development side, but also experienced real estate investors. The design of the site and the trading platform prototypes looks very neat and easy to use, but still provides all the necessary stats, information and graphs. Real estate market is very profitable one and they can become the leading real estate platform based on the blockchain technology.

User Review

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TanyaDegurechaff09 september 2017, 18:21

Innovative! That’s what comes first in my mind after looking at this ICO’s main purpose. Imagine owning a piece of real estate that can potentially increase in value over time and depending on the local economy. We know not all of us can afford right now an expensive property especially real estate. But with this I think I can finally own a piece of a real estate. Yes it sounds good right, but there is some things that needs to be addressed before you start investing in it. First the real estate tax that comes with it. Second is the maintenance of like repair and renovations. But this are simple issues that I think will be solved quickly.

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